Opening General Session: CAMX Live!

Tue. December 12| 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM | OCCC - Level 4 - Valencia Ballroom

Disruptive innovation is generally known to be something that creates a new market or disrupts an existing market by displacing established market leaders.  Can composites and advanced materials do this with the traditional materials we compete with?  We believe it can, and there are many examples in our industry which are demonstrating this.  The general session will provide examples of how companies are thinking about designing and creating in new ways to make radical changes to products and the industry.  Take away a few ideas on innovation and some inspiration for the future of composites and advanced materials. 

During the session, the CAMX Award winners, sponsored by Ashland, will also be presented.



9 Meter Wind Turbine Blade Advanced Technology Demonstrator / IACMI – The Composites Institute

Development and Launch of Integrated Slide-in Oven Console Assembly w/ Stainless Steel Appearance Via Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) / Mar-Bal, Inc.

GFRP Wicket Gates: Long Lasting Structures to Ensure Navigable Waterways / Composite Advantage, LLC

Halls River Bridge – FRP Composites for Next Generation Infrastructure / Florida DOT

Thermoplastic Composite Overmoulding Technology Reduces Cycle Time to Minutes / Victrex


Carbon Fibre / Kevlar Hinge System / Talon Technology

Edge En V. Fly Rods Made with Ekoa Plant Based Prepregs / Lingrove

First Industrial Fiber Patch Placement System for Manufacturing Complex Composites / Cevotec GmbH

Next Generation CoCure Hybrid Metal/Composite Technology for Transportation / Structural Composites

Secure Hybrid Composite Maritime Shipping Container / University of Maine - Advanced Structures and Composites Center

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